Etsy Shops
I have two Etsy shops, one for my stationery and greetings cards and one for my colouring pages and books. Links below.
Etsy Colouring

People have asked what the stand I'm using for my iPad Pro is, since I started using it, I'm totally in love with it and now I couldn't do without it, I've even got the carry bag so that if I need to I can take it out and about.
It makes drawing on the iPad massively more comfortable you're able to draw from your shoulder because there's room to move around on the surface, you can lean on the board and drawing without it now feels so restricted and I almost can't understand how I did it before.
If you use my code AmberRavenscroft, at no extra cost to you -a nice big 10% discount in fact! You'll be helping me out too as I'm an affiliate so it's a win-win
So, check out the awesome Sketchboard Pro, I love it a lot!
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